The LIWF started today at Londons ExCel centre

The LIWF started today at London's ExCel centre

Wine's share of space on UK supermarket shelves has grown in the last year at the expense of beer and cider, according to an industry analyst. 

Speaking at the London International Wine Fair (LIWF) today (20 May), Helen Stares of Nielsen said that space for wine had been "growing and growing" in the past 12 months, while beer and cider's had fallen 2%. However, Stares warned that the alcohol category as whole is unlikely to get anymore share of supermarket shelf space as falling UK alcohol consumption and duty hikes take their toll. 

"The wine fixture has been getting bigger and bigger, but in-store space is likely to go elsewhere," Stares said. "The best idea is to maintain space and do the best we can." 

Meanwhile, sales of Spanish wine have shown "strong growth" in the UK off-trade in the past year, according to Nielsen figures, but Australia remains the number one region for retailers. 

Wine sales from Spain have risen to 538m cases in the past 12 months, up from 460m cases the prior year, Stares said.

Australia's leading position in the UK off-trade had been threatened around a year ago by Italy, Stares said, but the European country's share has fallen back since. Sales of miniature bottles of wine had grown 4%, but still only represent 3% of the category's sales, she added. 

The LIWF is taking place at London's ExCel Centre until Wednesday.