US wine exports saw strong growth in 2013

US wine exports saw strong growth in 2013

Export sales of US wine reached a record US$1.55bn in 2013, up 16.4%, according to latest figures. 

The Wine Institute, which represents Californian producers, also reported today (25 February) that US wine export volumes were up 7.5% to 435.2m litres, or 48.4m cases, in the 12 months. Around 90% of US wine exports are from California, according to the trade body.

The European Union’s 28 countries accounted for $617m worth of sales, the largest proportion, up 31% on 2012.

Canada was the next biggest market with export sales up 12% to to $454m.

Exports to China, the US wine industry’s fifth largest market by value, rose by 5.7% to $77.2m Russia recorded the largest increase, with sales up 110% to $11.1m. Taiwan saw the most significant fall with export sales down by 15% to $9.5m. 

"Consumers across the globe continue to recognise the quality, diversity and value of California wines, despite significant trade barriers and heavily subsidised foreign competitors," said Wine Institute President & CEO Bobby Koch. 

The Wine Institute said it has an “aggressive” global marketing campaign running in 25 countries globally that “communicates California as an aspirational place with beautiful landscapes, iconic lifestyle, great wine and food, and as an environmental leader”.