Argentina's wine industry enjoyed a healthy September, according to figures released on Wednesday. Wine exports rose in both volume and value for the month compared to the same period last year.

The National Wine Institute reported that 23.3m litres of wine left Argentina in September, a rise of 43.57% year-on-year. The amount was valued at US$15.1m, an increase of 24%.

Table wines accounted for 70.95% of exports, with fine wines making up 27.43% and sparkling wines were 0.67%. Fine wines brought in 75.65% in revenue, while table wines made up 20.86% and sparkling wines accounted for 2.96%.

Exports of table wines soared by 98.71% in volume and 129.06% in value year-on-year. A rise in bulk exports to Russia, South Africa, the Czech Republic and Japan contributed to the rise.

Fine wine exports dropped in volume by 17.86%, but rose in value by 9.32%.