Consumers are still favouring  familiarity over special offers

Consumers are still favouring familiarity over special offers

More wine drinkers in the UK are choosing a brand they know or like, ahead of a bottle on special offer, according to a new survey.

Despite consumers cutting back on spending, a poll of UK consumers by Populus shows that 67% regarded whether they know or like the wine as the most important factor when choosing, slightly ahead of it being on special offer. “While price and promotion remain important factors in determining what people buy it’s interesting that a greater number say it’s more important to have a wine they know they like,” said Gavin Partington, interim chief executive of the WSTA, which commissioned the survey. 

“This suggests the industry has a challenge to persuade consumers to be more adventurous and try something different.” 

The survey also revealed that wine remains the UK's most popular drink. However, nearly eight out of 10 drinkers have made cutbacks in recent years. 

The poll, of 2,007 UK adults, found 38% of the public drink wine on a weekly basis, compared to 32% for beer, while 77% said they have made cutbacks.

Consumers still have concerns about the state of the economy, the survey shows, with nearly half of respondents (49%) predicting the economy to worsen over the next year and only 15% expecting to see an improvement.

The poll was commissioned ahead of the London International Wine Fair which starts at ExCeL tomorrow (22 May) and runs until Thursday. 

The full results of the survey will be available on the WSTA Stand (i36) at the fair.