A few glasses of wine can increase the chances of women getting pregnant, the latest tests into wine and health suggest.

Around 30,000 pregnant women - all of which were trying to get pregnant - were asked about their drinking habits and the results suggested that those drinking a moderate amount of wine were more likely to get pregnant quickly than those who consumed beer, spirits or abstained from alcohol altogether.

In fact, the results showed that the women who regularly drank wine were almost a third less likely to wait more than a year before becoming pregnant. And they were 23% less likely to still be waiting more than two months before conception than other drinkers and teetotallers.

However, it was also pointed out by fertility experts today that more than two glasses of wine a day could reduce the chances of falling pregnant.

The Danish Epidemiology Science Centre, which carried out the research said that while it showed a link between fertility and wine drinking, it was unclear what that link was. The centre said it could be something in the wine, or, for example, that wine drinkers have healthier diets.