According to data released by the French foreign trade organisation, the CFCE, wine and spirits exports from France rose by 5.6% in value terms in 2002, but French products continued to lose market share in major markets.

The aggregate figures were boosted by a strong recovery in the Champagne market, with Champagne exports rising by 13.2% in 2002 but the CFCE said that still wine and spirits sales also rose.

Wine exports reached €7.8 billion (US$8.6 billion) in 2002, according to CFCE statistics, with Belgium, the UK, the Netherlands and the US the strongest markets. However, the CFCE added that in volume terms wine exports were only up by 1.1% as France continued to lose market share in many of its major markets. In particular, wine exports were down in Canada, Denmark, Japan and Switzerland.

French spirits exports rose by 5.6% in 2002 on the back of strong Cognac sales and rising vodka sales to the US. According to the CFCE, the US, Germany and Singapore accounted for nearly all of the increase in spirits exports in 2002.