Click through to view Wine and Spirit Internationals Absinthe Hapsburg X.C. Cassis

Click through to view Wine and Spirit International's Absinthe Hapsburg X.C. Cassis

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Wine and Spirit International's Absinthe Hapsburg X.C. Cassis

Category - Spirits, absinthe, flavoured 89.9% abv

Available - From this month

Location - Western Europe, predominantly in on-trade outlets

Price - In UK, RRP of GBP55 (US$90) per 50cl bottle

Distribution - Hi-Spirits in UK and Ireland, via local distributors elsewhere

Wine and Spirit International has lined up the launch of a blackcurrant-flavoured extension of its Absinthe Hapsburg brand.

Earlier this year, Pernod Ricard updated the Pernod absinthe, after France's Senate voted last year to lift a ban on absinthe in the country.

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Premium spirit brand Absinthe Hapsburg is launching a Cassis flavour, targeting the elite cocktail market.

Absinthe Hapsburg X.C. Cassis combines the distinctive flavour of an authentic absinthe with the fragrance and taste of real blackcurrant. At 89.9% ABV, the spirit is designed to add its distinctive flavour to cocktails with a measure of 10ml or less.

Suggested serves include mixing X.C. Cassis with traditional Lemonade to enjoy as a chilled long drink over ice, or adding a dash to sparkling wine to create a twist on the popular Kir Royale. 

Absinthe Hapsburg X.C. Cassis is distributed in the UK by Hi-Spirits through it partnership with Blavod Wines & Spirits, formed in June this year. Hi-Spirits managing director Dan Bolton said: “X.C. Cassis is a wonderful addition to our portfolio of elite brands, targeting serious mixologists.

“Although there are simple ways to serve and enjoy the brand, our core customer is cocktail experts who will use a dash of the spirit to create their own unique drinks.”

Each 500ml bottle of Hapsburg X.C. Cassis will make 50 cocktails. The RRP is £55. Absinthe Hapsburg is part of the Blavod portfolio of spirits brands, distributed by Hi-Spirits.

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