Click through to view The Balvenie Craftsmans Reserve, No.1 - The Cooper

Click through to view The Balvenie Craftsman's Reserve, No.1 - The Cooper

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William Grant & Sons' The Balvenie Craftsman's Reserve, No 1 - The Cooper

Category - Spirits, whisky, Scotch, Speyside, single malt, 59.4% abv

Available - From February, limited to 300 bottles

Location - Online, exclusively to member's of The Balvenie's online club

Price - GBP65 (US$100) per bottle

The Balvenie's malt master, David Stewart, has created Craftsman’s Reserve No1, The Cooper, a limited release from the company. Stewart has married two European oak sherry butts of The Balvenie 15 year old Single Malt, casks 10142 and 17949, to create The Cooper.

The variant is available exclusively to members of The Balvenie’s online community, Warehouse 24.

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