Two months after its successful UK launch, Australia's leading energy drink V is to be pushed into Ireland with a £500,000 campaign targeting the young and trendy looking for that afternoon pick me up.New Zealand based Frucor Beverages Group won't be battling head on with current market leader Red Bull which concentrate on pubs and clubs, but will instead target wholesalers and convenience stores focusing on the under developed daytime drinker looking for an afternoon pick me up. Austrian-based Red Bull currently enjoys about 80% of the Irish energy drinks market, but Frucor believe the Irish energy drinks market is worth about $99m and is hoping in 12 months to have 40% if not more. V spokesperson David Bright said: "V is selling out everywhere in the UK and is proving to be very popular and from initial reaction we can see it doing even better in Ireland." Bright described V as: "a stand alone product and not a mixer. It isn't to be associated with alcohol V is more for the young professional living a stressful life looking for a pick me up in the afternoon rather than a boost for the evening. According to reports Frucor plan to distribute its V brand in up to 25 countries over the next five years and its international sales are expected to reach 33% of total sales next year.V will be available at selected convenience and wholesalers at £1.24.