Wild Turkey is launching a new premium bourbon developed exclusively for DFS. Available from 1 October, Wild Turkey Heritage Single Barrel will be sold exclusively at the travel retail retailer's locations in Guam, New Zealand, Okinawa, Saipan, Singapore and the US (Hawaii, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco).

In a statement, Joseph Uranga, global group director of Wild Turkey, said: "Wild Turkey Heritage Single Barrel is a statement to the distilling prowess and creativity of our master distiller. Mr. Russell's experience of more than five decades producing bourbon was essential to finding the single barrels that capture the unique essence of Wild Turkey Bourbon, while offering a similarity that gives Heritage consistency from bottle to bottle."

Other Wild Turkey Bourbon products also available in DFS are Wild Turkey 8-Year-Old 101 Proof; 12-Year-Old 101 Proof; Rare Breed Barrel Proof 108.2 Proof; and Wild Turkey Sherry Signature 86 Proof.