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Widow Jane Distillery's Heirloom Bourbon releases

Category - Spirits, whiskey, Bourbon, 

Available - From this month

Location - Only available from Widow Jane distillery in New York

Price - Wapsie Valley Bourbon, US$115; Bloody Butcher Bourbon, $125; Widow Jane Bloody Butcher High Rye Bourbon, $135

Distribution - Widow Jane

Widow Jane Distillery has released three “premium” Bourbons made from non-genetically modified ingredients.

The expressions, which are named after the Bloody Butcher and Wapsie Valley corns used to make them, are only available on order from the Widow Jane distillery in Brooklyn, New York City. Widow Jane claims the Bourbons express “history and terroir” and are available in “extremely limited quantities”.

The range comprises:

  • Wapsie Valley Bourbon
  • Bloody Butcher Bourbon
  • Widow Jane Bloody Butcher High Rye Bourbon