Click through to view the new look for Whyte & Mackays Jura Scotch whisky range

Click through to view the new look for Whyte & Mackay's Jura Scotch whisky range

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Whyte & Mackay has updated the packaging for its Jura single malt Scotch whisky portfolio.

The company, which is currently owned by United Spirits, announced yesterday (9 May) that the new look will roll out across the entire range and will help to “explain the distinct flavour profiles of each expression”. Each variant will carry a different colour and image that hails from the landscape on the Scottish island where the whisky is produced.

Click through on the image on the right to view the new look for Jura.

Whyte & Mackay's future ownership is unclear, as Diageo looks to secure control of United Spirits. Once the deal goes through, Whyte & Mackay may be the focus of a monopolies and mergers commission investigation, due to Diageo's heavy presence in Scotch.