The World Health Organisation (WHO) has called for more research on the toxicity of drinks packaging chemical bisphenol A.

A five-day meeting of WHO scientists has concluded that too little is known about bisphenol A (BPA) to determine whether it contributes to adverse health effects, including cancers. Scientists called for more studies, even though BPA is not believed to accumulate in the body.

The news will be a concern to drinks producers and packaging firms. The WHO panel determined that plastic water bottles and aluminium can linings are among the main culprits for human exposure to the chemical.

“Until these associations can be confirmed, initiation of public health measures would be premature,” the WHO said following its meeting in Canada. “Several important studies are already in progress that will help to clarify the extent of human health impact of this chemical,” it added.
Canada has added BPA to its list of toxic substances, but food safety authorities in the US and EU have approved the chemical for use in packaging.