TKO, a new white spirit to hit the bars and clubs of London, is apparently set to revolutionise the world of cocktail drinkers.Launched at bar. last week, TKO is "pure and powerful" with 45%volume and, according to spokesperson Tony Arney, is going to be the "new funky stuff" for its younger and more contemporary customer.Produced by Burn Stewart Distillers, TKO is matured first for more than three years in oak casks and, say TKO sales and marketing, leading barmen from the most fashionable venues in London and New York have come together to create exciting ways to serve TKO, from cocktails to quick fixes, such as TKO Red Sin and TKO Natural Blonde. There are no plans to develop TKO as an alternative to other leading Scotch brands, but Arney told that "the launch was a huge success, the feedback we've had has been very good and the star bars have shown a huge interest." TKO retails at £14.99.Sarah Diston