The James Eadie brand was last bottled in 1950s

The James Eadie brand was last bottled in 1950s

Whisky investment firm Whisky Invest Direct has re-introduced the James Eadie Scotch whisky brand. 

The brand will launch with a selection of single cask and small batch expressions. Bottlings include malts from Speyside, the Highlands and Islay, the company said. 

A spokesperson for James Eadie told just-drinks the brand was last bottled in the 1950s. 

Whisky Invest Direct CEO Rupert Patrick, who formerly led new business in Africa for Diageo, is a descendant of Eadie.

"I've known about my great-great grandfather's whisky for many years... but until now I've never had the chance to realise my ambition to get the brand going again," said Patrick. "Demand for good quality single malts is growing by 6% per year worldwide and consumers are prepared to look beyond the well-marketed brands to find something new. 

"We are lucky to have access to some exceptional stocks of malt and grain, giving us scope to bottle fantastic single malts, and the potential to add blended malts and blended whisky."

The initial focus for exports will be Denmark, Holland, Austria and France. In the UK, the brand will be available through Royal Mile Whiskies. Prices range from GBP36.95 to GBP55 (US$49-$73).

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