Wine drinkers are less likely to spend more for a treat

Wine drinkers are less likely to spend more for a treat

Whisk(e)y consumers in the US are three times more likely than wine drinkers to trade up to premium products for a treat, a new survey has shown.

Only 30% of wine drinkers say they like to treat themselves to higher-quality brands compared to 87% of whisk(e)y drinkers, according to the Consumer Edge Insight survey, released yesterday (24 January). Beer drinkers also showed an unwillingness to trade up, with 38% likely to treat themselves to more expensive labels, the survey said.

Some 82% of vodka drinkers said they would spend more for a treat, according to the survey.

Consumer Edge president David Decker said the survey showed that wine drinkers are not as convinced that higher-priced brands are of a higher quality. “Premium wine brands need to do a better job making the case to wine drinkers why they cost more,” Decker said.

Decker said the trend was similar even for consumers with annual household incomes above US$100,000.

The Alcoholic Beverage DemandTracker survey was conducted in November through an online survey of more 2,000 US consumers, aged 21 or above.

A survey last year showed that the US wine sector is losing consumers to beer.