Budweiser, which recently launched Budweiser on draught, is looking to sponsor festivals, house parties, record launches with the intention of building a programme of 'true music' which will appeal to young contemporary adults.

And as official beer sponsors of the 2002 FIFA World Cup, Budweiser started the year with the launch of True Football, a photographic exhibition bringing together images from past World Cups, which is also touring the UK.

"Around the UK a series of screenings are being held at which football fans will also get the chance to view classic World Cup matches. And next year teams all over the world will be invited to take part in the Budweiser World Cup, an on-trade promotion which will culminate in a final held in the World Cup stadium in Korea," said Anheuser-Busch Europe Ltd, producers of Budweiser.

"The World Cup qualifiers also provide a great opportunity for sampling and informing people about the World Cup sponsorship."

"We have an exciting calendar of sponsorships and on- and off-trade activity has also been developed to further support the brand," a spokesman for Anheuser-Busch Europe said.

And as part of its promotional activity for 2001, consumers will also see more of the "Whassup" advertisements plus a new series of TV advertisements: "Focusing on the beer's quality, which will continue to keep Budweiser consistently front of mind with beer drinkers," said the company.

Not only has the brand gone through a recent packaging change featuring a gold-foil label and Budweiser written in script, but innovation too has been part of its marketing strategy with the launch of which the company claims to be "specially designed nucleated glasses that prolong the life of the head on every pint poured and a Budweiser dispensing unit with regulated temperature control."

Figures by AC Nielsen claim that more than one in five premium packaged drinks consumed on premise is Budweiser.