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Click through to view an image of the product

Westons Cider's Rosie's Pig 

Category - cider, cloudy, draught, 4.8% abv 

Available - From June 

Location - UK, on-trade 

Price - Dependent on outlet 

Distribution - Westons Cider 

Herefordshire-based cidermaker Westons is to launch a new lower abv version of its cloudy cider Old Rosie, called Rosie's Pig. 

The 4.8% draught cider is being introduced in the UK on-trade in June, after Westsons said research showed there is room for an "entry-point" cloudy cider. "Consumers want to take the step from premium mainstream ciders, but there's a gap in the market for a product that introduces consumers to the cloudy cider category," a spokesperson said. 

At a briefing in London earlier this week, Westons' commercial director Roger Jackson said the company is looking at the export opportunity in China, but that Australia remains its sole focus for overseas business.  

Last year, the company updated its pacakging for Old Rosie