Western Wines is to outsource the production and sourcing sides of its South African business, including its flagship Kumala brand, to a new company called Origin Wine. 

Western Wines, which accounts for over 30% of all of the South African sales in the UK, has signed a deal that will see Origin Wine coordinate the sourcing of Western Wines' brands.

"Origin Wine will effectively become the service company for Kumala," Western Wines said.

"The way we operate currently with contracts, sourcing as needed, has been fine," said Western Wines South Africa's director James Reid.

"But given our ambitions for Kumala we need a formalised plan to ensure consistency of quality and supply.  The partnership with Origin is also good news because it anchors us more firmly in South Africa by providing a 'home' for Kumala as Origin have taken out a lease on the Bottelary Winery in Stellenbosch. The facilities at the winery will include bulk and barrel storage and pressing capacity for the Kumala Premiums, whilst the Kumala range will be available for sale at the Cellar Door."

"It should be emphasised that this agreement does not affect our current agency and bottling agreements," said Reid. "We remain committed to these relationships."