An advert by Wells & Youngs Brewing has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) over claims that it appeared to be "misleading".

A trade magazine advert showed a bottle of Banana Bread Beer and Waggle Dance (honey flavoured beer). Text above stated: "No.1 & No.2 flavoured premium bottled ales". This was linked to smaller text below which stated "A.C. Nielsen 12 weeks to 19 Apr '08, volume and value sales in total off trade".

Hall & Woodhouse complained about the ad, claiming that two of their own flavoured beers, Golden Glory and Golden Champion, performed better during the period specified and challenged whether the claim was misleading and could be substantiated.

The ASA said it upheld the complaint, "because we considered trade buyers and retailers would recognise that all four beers could be commonly compared as flavoured beers, and because the data did not show that the advertiser's beers, Waggle Dance and Banana Bread Beer, were number one and two flavoured premium bottled ales as claimed.

Wells & Youngs Brewing Company said it had no plans to repeat the ad or claim again.

The company did not dispute that Hall & Woodhouse's products had sold greater quantities, but it said it had not included them in their 'flavoured premium bottled ales' categorisation, because they felt they belonged to a different segmentation; golden, rather than flavoured.