Webvan Group, Inc., today announced that it has designated The Coca-Cola Company "category captain" for its beverage business, including all carbonated soft drinks, bottled waters, bottled teas and bottled juice drinks. As merchandising "captain" for the beverage category, Coca-Cola will help Webvan with product assortment, merchandising and marketing. "This relationship, with one of the world's most recognized brands, will support Webvan's efforts to serve a growing base of consumers and to achieve improved operating efficiencies and effectiveness," said George T. Shaheen, president & CEO of Webvan Group, Inc. "Working with Webvan gives Coca-Cola the opportunity to learn more about a new, emerging consumer channel," said Ralph Cooper, president of Coca-Cola North America. Webvan Group, Inc. is setting a new standard for Internet retailing, combining for the first time the convenience of online shopping with a personalized courier service that delivers products into customers' homes within a 30-minute window of their choosing. Through its Web site,