Wolverhampton & Dudley Breweries has issued a trading update for the 24 weeks to 19 March. The group has also said that the integration of recently-acquired Burtonwood will be completed by the end of this month, ahead of schedule.

Trading in the 24-week period was in line with expectations prior to the end of the current half-year on Saturday (2 April), with total like-for-like sales rising by 3.1% in Pathfinder Pubs and 3.2% ahead in The Union Pub Company, the board said.

The company has also increased its expectations of synergies available after acquiring Burtonwood in January from GBP3m per year to at least GBP3.5m.

The outlook for consumer spending has generally become more cautious in recent months, said W&D's chief executive Ralph Findlay. The group's pubs and beer businesses have continue to perform well, however, he added.