Wells and Youngs Bombardier ads appear on Dave in the UK

Wells and Young's Bombardier ads appear on Dave in the UK

A televison advert for Wells and Young's Bombardier beer breached regulatory standards because it linked drinking alcohol to sexual performance, the UK's media watchdog has ruled.

The 15-second 'Kiss of Summer' ident, shown on comedy channel Dave, also implied a “woman had been performing oral sex” on a male character, Ofcom said in Monday's (8 October) ruling. Wells and Young's told just-drinks it has cancelled the ad in response to the ruling.

A spokesperson for the company said: "We're disappointed that this advert has been found in breach of the advertising code as we worked to the set guidelines prior to it being screened for the first time. However, as a responsible advertiser, we have removed the advert and it will not air again." 

The ad, which stars Rik Mayall and can be seen below, received 13 complaints since it first aired on 22 July, Ofcom said. Mayall has appeared in a string of Bombardier ads on the Dave channel playing the Flashman-like Bombardier character.

Defending the ad, owners of channel Dave, UKTV, said it was only shown after 10pm because of its adult nature and mature target audience. It said the characters in the ad did not drink alcohol and were fully clothed, adding that the “summer kiss” credit was a visual play on words and intended to be humorous.

Earlier this week, the UK advertising watchdog rejected a complaint that claimed a Britvic ad shown in Ireland was sexist and objectified women.