C&C Group has been told to change its poster advert for Magners Light cider, after the UK Advertising Standards Authority ruled that it could mislead consumers.

Ireland-based C&C and the agency used for the ad, Young Euro RSCG, have agreed to amend the poster, after the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said that a phrase used on the poster - "only 92 calories. Still 4.5%" - could be misleading.

"We considered that the inclusion of the word "Only" alongside a description of the calorie content implied the drink was low in energy," the ASA said in its ruling, published today (25 March).

According to EU regulations, the ASA said, Magners Light contains too many calories per 100ml to be described as low energy.

Another complaint against the same poster campaign claimed that the phrase "only 92 calories" may encourage excessive drinking. The ASA rejected this claim.