A genuine bottle of Smirnoff Red Label vodka

A genuine bottle of Smirnoff Red Label vodka

Ireland's health authorities have issued a warning to businesses and consumers after discovering a “small quantity” of fake Smirnoff Red Label circulating in the market. 

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) said yesterday (18 December) that it had identified the counterfeit product on sale in shops and pubs. Tests did not show “harmful ingredients” in the one-litre bottles found so far, but the abv for the fake Smirnoff is 32% instead of the genuine product's 37.5% abv, the FSAI said. 

The counterfeit product is also labelled “Produced in Ireland”, whereas legitimate bottles less than 18 months old list the UK as region of origin, the authority said. The labels on the fake bottles are also "inferior", it said. 

The FSAI added: “The analysis carried out to date on the counterfeit product has not identified specific food safety hazards. However, the source of the alcohol and where it is being produced (or) bottled is unknown and there may be contaminants in other batches.”  

Ireland is among Smirnoff's top global markets, according to the brand's owner, Diageo.