Vodka Source has linked up with one of Ibiza's club attractions for a season of promotional activity to generate sampling among its key audience of young adults.

Interbrew UK's premium packaged spirit brand will be promoted on a regular basis to clubbers visiting Godskitchen and branding will be featured on all promotional material for the venue - reinforcing the Vodka Source link.

The in-outlet promotional activity is running throughout the 12-week summer season from June to September at Godskitchen, which takes place every Tuesday at one of the islands clubs, Amnesia.

The promotional link-up will build on an established relationship with the UK club scene. The brand recently teamed up with Serious, the UK DJ management agency, to search for the country's best new DJ talent.

It also sponsored last year's Serious Source Tour, which provided a package of musical entertainment featuring top DJs for 55 UK clubs nationally.