A company that produces vodka bottles in the shape of machine guns has been hit with a lawsuit by a gun manufacturer over alleged trademark infringement. 

Illinois-based Alphonse Capone Enterprises is being sued by Saeilo Enterprises over the former's Tommy Guns Vodka. The lawsuit was filed last week in a court in the US Northern District of Illinois. 

Saeilo claims that the vodka producer is infringing on its “Tommy Gun” trademark. The lawsuit, published on the 21stamendmentlaw blog, says that Saeilo seeks a “permanent injunction” stopping Alphonse Capone Enterprises from using the trademark. 

The drinks company's other products include Roaring 20s Hideaway Ale and Roaring 20s Legs Chardonnay. 

Alphonse Capone Enterprises has yet to respond to an emailed request for comment.