The latest launches featured on Datamonitor's Worldwide Innovations Network illustrate that there is something of a revolution going on in the vodka industry. Flavored vodkas are increasing their presence in the marketplace, from countries not traditionally associated with vodka production.Absolut is one company at the forefront of this trend. The Swedish distiller, which has previously launched fruit flavors like lemon and blackcurrant, has introduced Absolut Mandrin across Europe and in the US this year. Not to be outdone by its Scandinavian rivals, Finlandia has this year been launched in a lime variant in the US, joining existing cranberry and pineapple varieties.Smirnoff is another recognized brand with fruit-flavored offerings. In August Smirnoff Orange was introduced in the US, with raspberry and vanilla varieties planned for Spring 2001. In the UK, Stolichnaya Ohranj (orange), Vanil (vanilla) and Razberi (raspberry) have been available since June.The Reformed Spirits Company is behind the UK launch of Pölstar from Iceland; lemon, cranberry, pepper and cucumber constitute the range. Another company spicing up the vodka market in Canada is KR Estate Distillery with its Inferno Pepper Pot vodka, while Moscow Cristall Distillery added a pepper variety to its Signature Series in Russia.To see further details of these launches, including chili vodka from Kirishky and Dirty Olive Vodka from Bartolomeh, visit the Worldwide Innovations Network at