The face of Vladivar Vodka for 2000, Big Breakfast presenter, Donna Air is raising the profile of Vladivar by telling viewers of her Sky TV show "The Villa" the "Vladivar Rules".

Viewers of the hit TV show, sponsored by Vladivar will be told the "Vladivar Rules" and the essential guidelines for all self-respecting party girls by Air.

She will be called upon for her partying experience when she heads overseas and puts her Vladivar rules into action. And a series of Vladivar sponsored slots starring Donna and showing her following the Vladivar rules are featured throughout the series.

Paul Murray, UK marketing manager for Maxxium UK said: "Vladivar's imaginative sponsorship programme has successfully raised awareness with an extremely valuable target market."

Distributed by Maxxium UK, Vladivar has increased its volume market share by 23.8% and value market share by 22.9%.

"We will continue to build on the brand's market strength this Christmas with price promotions, distinctive POS and further high profile sponsorship activity," he added.

Figures by AC Nielsen show that Vladivar has increased its share of off-trade sales by 34% in England and Wales - higher than any other vodka brand.