In a bid to attract distributors worldwide, producers of Brute Force are claiming if it can capture only 1% of the market, that the current market leader has captured, the company will fast become a multi-million dollar company.

Brute Force, a member of the ISS Worldwide Group of Companies also claims the cost of Brute Force on the international market is some 50% lower than its competitors, giving distributors and agents a chance to earn serious profits.

A statement from the company said: "Brute Force is able to manufacture its product and ship it to anywhere in the world with a wholesale price to the distributors.

"Our marketing strategy is to put 50% of company profits back into advertising, marketing and sports sponsorships. This will guarantee success."

"The reason we are confident that Brute Force will capture the market by storm is the appealing taste, the price and the buzz of refreshment you get after drinking an ice cold Brute Force."

Brute Force also admits to having ingredients that are "virtually the same as its competitors" except for added vitamins B6 and Vitamin C, which the company has said will attract the customer, but will not affect the taste of the drink.

Ingredients for International Market Inc UK, NZ, Europe, USA

INGREDIENTS 150ml.Bottle 250ml. Can
SUCROSE 25.00g 41.67g
TAURINE 0.80g 1.33g
CAFFEINE 50mg 50mg
INOSITOL 50mg 83mg
VITAMIN-C 25mg 41.67mg
VITAMIN B-6 5mg 8.33mg
NIACINAMINE 50mg 83.33mg
D-PANTOTHENOI (B-5) 10mg 16.67mg
FD & C YELLOW No 5 & 6 0.0006mg 0.001mg
CITRIC ACID 0.9mg 1.5mg


0.3mg 0.5mg

Available in 150ml bottles and 250ml cans, Brute Force is hoping to see this latest energy drink being distributed to supermarkets, hypermarkets, petrol stations, beverage distribution companies, cash and carry's, wholesalers, off-licenses, breweries, restaurants, health clubs, gymnasiums and night clubs.

"It is the price factor, taste and added vitamins that will give Brute Force a huge advantage over all the energy drinks currently on the market," the company added.