Viridian Spirits, brand owners of Lucid Absinthe Superieure, is expanding its portfolio with the introduction of La Clandestine Absinthe Superieure and Jade Liqueur's Nouvelle-Orleans Absinthe Superieure to the US market.

The two absinthes are already sold internationally, the first from Couvet, Switzerland, in the Val-de-travers, and the second, part of TA Breaux's line of Jade Absinthes in New Orleans.

"Over the past year we've witnessed the re-emergence of absinthe in the US, beginning with the introduction of Lucid," said Jared Gurfein, president of Viridian Spirits. "Now, after witnessing the explosive interest in and popularity of Lucid, we are taking two of the most esteemed international absinthes and bringing them to this market."

La Clandestine is a colourless absinthe in the Swiss 'La Bleue' style, and takes its name from the way it was sold as an 'underground' brand for several years during the era of absinthe prohibition.

Nouvelle-Orleans Absinthe Superieure is the creation of TA Breaux, and is a traditional green Absinthe Verte produced in Saumur, France.

Both La Clandestine and Nouvelle Orleans will be available at select restaurants, bars and liquor stores nationwide in Autumn this year. The suggested retail price for a 750ml bottle of La Clandestine is US$79.99, and $110 for a 750ml bottle of Nouvelle Orleans.