A South Australian wine company which markets wine under the Versace name could find itself embroiled in legal wranglings with the Italian fashion house.

Dominic Versace, who claims he is a second cousin of the late fashion icon, Gianni Versace, his sister, Maria, and brother-in-law, Armando Verdiglione, are partners in the Versace Wines business which markets wines in the Melbourne and Adelaide areas.

However, the Milan-based fashion group, Versace SpA, has denied any links with the Australian company. "Gianni Versace had no second cousin named Dominic Versace and we do not recognise the names of Dominic Versace, his sister Maria, or Armando Verdiglione as having any connection, whether family, business or otherwise, with Gianni Versace SpA," said company spokesman, Jason Weisenfeld.

Verdiglione said that his company was not claiming any links with Versace SpA, but reiterated that there was a family connection with Gianni Versace.