Velocity International, a Nashville, Tenn.-based wine and spirits importer, has expanded US distribution of Sïku Glacier Ice Vodka to 31 states and plans to roll the brand out nationwide by the first quarter of 2006.

Sïku, which means "ice" in Greenlandic, is owned by Ice Cap Enterprises, a unit of Canada's Premium Glacier. The vodka is distilled in The Netherlands using 60,000-year-old ice from Greenland's Qalerallit Sermia glacier.

"When researching the ultra-premium vodka market, we knew we needed to create an exclusive product that was unique, both in packaging and taste," said Peggy Johnson, CEO of Premium Glacier, which in 2002 signed a 20-year contract for the exclusive, worldwide right to market products made from the ice and water of Greenland's glacier ice cap.