Rivella, second only to Coca-Cola in sales terms in Switzerland, with a 11.7% market share, is to launch four carbonated soft drinks in Boston, Massachusetts.Based in Switzerland, Rivella International has dominated the Swiss market for years with its fruit juices, sports drinks, soft drinks and mineral water. Rivella Red is caffeine free and also boasts vitamins and minerals; Rivella Blue is the low calorie version, and Rivella Green boasts pure green tea extract.The fourth flavour is Passaia, a carbonated passion fruit drink claiming to have no preservatives and 4% real passion fruit juice."Rivella offers healthier alternatives to traditional soda and with the increase in health conscious consumers, Rivella is sure to be popular with an ever-growing number of Americans," said Rivella US executive vice president, Zvez Zvatlev.Rivella currently distributes in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, France and Luxembourg, but will now be available in specialised US food markets, delicatessens and bakeries as well as select restaurants throughout New England.There will also be sampling opportunities at various venues in Massachusetts.