US brewers are facing the prospect of alcohol tax hikes as state governments struggle to find ways to deal with revenue shortfalls, according to a report by CBS Marketwatch. Tobacco has traditionally been the target for tax hikes in so-called sin taxes and beer has largely been ignored on this front. But brewers now fear they will bear the brunt of economic pressure from the current recession. According to CBS, the prospect of tax hikes is being viewed with deep concern by the industry, particularly as growth in domestic products has been flat in recent years. "A price increase due to taxes makes that slow growth glacial. Everyone hates in a flat business to have to raise prices," said Thomas Pirko, founder of Bevmark, a California-based beverage industry consultancy. The prospect of increases in alcohol tax was discussed last year as revenues began to fall but ultimately only Arkansas acted on the idea. However, despite fears that tax increases would be more damaging now than ever before, given that Americans are drinking less and are more price senstive than in the past, CBS said there weren't any major warning flags on Wall Street or among most investors.