Mexico, the US and Canada will sign an accord aimed at boosting the quality of Tequila-based products bottled outside Mexico, a spokeswoman for supplier's lobby Consejo Regulador del Tequila (CRT) confirmed to just-drinks.

The three countries are expected to sign the pact by year end. The accord is necessary to regulate Tequila production to comply with Mexican standards and stem the proliferation of adultered and low-quality versions of the spirit.

US and Canadian manufacturers import so-called 4951 category Tequila (pure tequila blended with certain sugars) to produce their own brands. However, some modify the product with other non-Mexican blends, undermining its quality.

"If they say they are using 10 litres of our Tequila we want them to use exactly that," the CRT spokeswoman said, adding that the measure is also intended to preserve the prestige of Mexico's original-label Tequila exports.

Meanwhile, the CRT announced that Mexican Tequila exports rose 10.7% to 60.8m litres, buoyed by strong demand from the key US and Canadian market. Mixed and original label exports rose 6% an 42% to 50.3m and 10.5m liters respectively.