A UK think-tank has called for a raising of the legal drinking age in the UK.

Over the weekend, Public Policy Research (PPR), the journal of the IPPR think-tank, said the country should consider increasing the age consumers can legally drink at to 21, in light of a nation that has "lost the plot" regarding alcohol regulation.

"When it comes to booze, society seems to have lost its senses," PPR said. Were the age limit to be increased, "it is at least possible that those in their early- and mid-teens will not see drink as something they will soon be allowed to do so therefore they might as well start doing it surreptitiously now".

One other alternative proposed by the body is for 18-year-olds to carry smart cards recording their level of alcohol consumption each night, as well as making it an offence to serve alcohol to anyone under 21 who had already consumed more than three units beforehand.