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United Brands Co Joose Screwdriver, Hurricane

Category - FMB, pre-mixed cocktails, 12% abv

Available - From this month

Location - US, off-trade, full details of locations can be found here

Price - Not specified, available in 23.5oz cans

Distribution - United Brands

United Brands Co has added two extensions to its Joose ready-to-pour cocktail brand.

Joose Screwdriver is orange-flavoured, while, Joose Hurricane has pineapple, lime and passionfruit flavours.

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United Brands Company is once again leading and reshaping the flavored malt beverage category with the launch of its innovative signature cocktail series. JOOSE Screwdriver and JOOSE Hurricane are the newest ready-to-pour cocktails from the creator of JOOSE Margarita.

“No mixing or fuss, just chill the cans and it is cocktail time wherever you go. Our new technology makes clear malt beverages so close to the actual top shelf cocktails that people are choosing the convenience over the mixers at a fraction of the price. The authentic taste and the 12% ABV leaves our customers longing for nothing,” says United Brands Company President & CEO Michael Michail.

Refreshing and simply spectacular, JOOSE Screwdriver combines the zesty flavor of oranges to create the authentic cocktail taste. JOOSE Screwdriver makes enjoying the popular highball drink as easy as popping the top and pouring.

Using United Brands Company’s advanced malt technology, JOOSE Hurricane, combines a complex blend of flavors including, pineapple, a hint of lime, and sweet passionate fruit flavors. The intricate blend of flavors creates a premium New Hurricane taste, Orleans style.

JOOSE Screwdriver and JOOSE Hurricane come in the signature 23.5 ounce cans with 12% ABV. Other packaging options will be available in the coming weeks.

All of JOOSE’s current cocktail series drinks are available at local liquor stores and national retail stores across the country.

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