In only its second year of operation Eliot's Spiced Premium Mulled Wine is now being served in over 2000 UK outlets.

Eliot's sold a staggering million glasses of mulled wine last season and with a target of 4,000 outlets this season and since the launch of a re-designed font, sales are set to climb even higher.

Eliot's provides its customers with a free wine dispenser which heats the mulled wine as it is served and offers individual servings of either 125ml or175ml.

John Hutchings of Midland Wine & Spirits Stores said: "I've not been this excited about a new product for 10 or 12 years."

In addition to the wine dispenser, Eliot's also offer full trade support, an 0800 information number and point of sale material.

The recommended retail price for a 125ml glass is £1.60 and £2.00 for a 175ml glass.

Available on-trade in the UK, Eliot's Philippa Vickery would not reveal any details but told that there are plans to launch Eliot's off-trade for next season.