A new alcoholic freeze drink is to be launched at this year's Bar Culture event to be held in London next week.

Aimed primarily at the 18-30 clubbing market, Realice is available in four flavours with a 5% ABV: Orange and Peach Schnapps, Strawberry Tequila, Pineapple, White Rum and Lemon, Lime and Vodka.

An official launch party for Realice, which is the idea of MEL UK Ltd, has also been planned as well as a promotional club tour in venues across London, Manchester and Birmingham.

"With the invention of Realice, we want to create a generic brand name that can be applied to several different products and services such as energy drinks, an internet site and so on," said MEL director, Mark Hirschfield.

Realice will be available on-premise in a select number of UK clubs and bars later this year.

Details of stockists are yet to be confirmed.