Gin is going through a boom in the UK

Gin is going through a boom in the UK

Gin sales have jumped 20% in the UK's bars and restaurants, figures for the most recent 12-month period have shown.

On-trade sales in the 12 months to the end of January hit GBP548m (US$780m), according to the Wine and Spirit Trade Association's quarterly Market Report. Volumes were up 8% in the same period to 43,000 hectolitres, the WSTA said.

The on-trade spurt was mirrored in the off-trade as sales increased by 10% to GBP401m, a record high. Off-trade volumes jumped by 8% in the same period.

But while the figures, released today, revealed continued gains for gin in the UK's pubs alone, it was a different story for vodka. While gin has added almost 8,000 hectolitres since 2011, vodka has declined by 22,800 hectolitres in the same five-year period.

The WSTA said gin has been helped by an increase in the number of UK producers. In the past year, 49 new distilleries have opened across the country, the WSTA said.

UK soft drinks maker Britvic last year upped its focus on on-trade mixers, highlighting the growth of gin in a marketing campaign for Purdey's.