Could we be seeing the beginning of the end for binge drinking in the UK?

Could we be seeing the beginning of the end for 'binge drinking' in the UK?

Alcohol consumption in the UK fell by 2.2% in 2011 - the fifth year in seven it has dropped - according to latest figures.

New data based on Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs alcohol tax returns, released today (12 March) shows that UK consumption per head is now 13% lower than 2004. Trade body the British Beer & Pub Assciation (BBPA), which compiled the figures, also suggested the figures show "binge-drinking" is on the decline. 

Drinking above the government's recommended weekly guidelines among young men, for example, is down from 32% to 21% compared with five years ago.

The BBPA used the opportunity to renew calls for the government to freeze duty in this month's Budget. 

"We need to draw back from the huge tax rises planned by the Government," said chief executive Brigid Simmonds. "These would damage British brewing and pubs, on which almost one million UK jobs depend."