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UC Davis, Sudwerk Brewing Cos Gunrock Lager

UC Davis, Sudwerk Brewing Co's Gunrock Lager

UC Davis, Sudwerk Brewing Co's Gunrock Lager

Category - Beer, lager, 4.6% abv

Available - From this month

Location - Davis, California

Price - TBC

The University of California, Davis, has partnered with Sudwerk Brewing Co to launch its own lager. 

Gunrock, which is named after the university's blue mustang mascot, will roll out to the Sudwerk Dock Store, the university campus and Davis restaurants. 

Sudwerk is the official partner of UC Davis' brewing programme. The recipe for Gunrock came from alumnus Doug Muhleman, a retired Anheuser-Busch VP of brewing operations and technology.  Muhleman said he wanted to create a beer to drink at sports events. 

"We wanted it to be sessionable, an easy-to-drink beer," he said. "We wanted a lighter-bodied but flavourful beer."

Gunrock is made using locally-grown rice, though the main ingredient is barley malt. 

Markstein Beverage Co has agreed to distribute the new Gunrock Lager to local restaurants. UC Davis said it hopes to have it available in cans by next year.

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