The leading Indian spirits company, The UB Group, has announced it is to cut its brand portfolio from 74 to 60 products in an effort to become more focussed and bring down costs.

Vijay Rekhi, UB Group's president, said: "We have undertaken a brand review and withdrawal of brands which do not contribute volumes forms part of it."

Divisional VP, Anant Iyer said: "We have recalled Indian Salute Whisky from the Herbertsons portfolio as it did not perform to our expectations."

The group hopes to cut costs in the promotion of unprofitable brands. But there are also a number of re-launches in the brand review.

The group has reintroduced McDowell's Black Stallion regular whisky, which was withdrawn three years ago, and revitalised other brands such as McDowell's Diplomat. Meanwhile Iyer said: "The company has extended the Bagpiper brand of whisky to the rum sector as well."