Tropical Beverage has secured the rights to distribute 100% coconut water throughout the US and Asia.

The company's new product - to be sold under the name ONE for One Natural Experience - will be launched in mid-January.

The coconut water will hit the Californian markets first and then proceed across the US, with Tropical set to produce up to 70m units a month, the company said yesterday (15 December).

Company COO Chris Lotito said: "This is one of those rare products that come along and we jumped at the opportunity to take it on. Not only does the product have high amounts of potassium but it also has no fat."

In Brazil, meanwhile, Tropical believes it can double the amount of coconut water being sold to 28m units per month and has teamed up with a leading producer there.

Tropical Beverage manufactures and distributes pure spring waters, flavoured waters, vapour-distilled waters and waters with additives.