Trinchero Family Estates’ Ménage à Trois Gold

Trinchero Family Estates’ Ménage à Trois Gold

Trinchero Family Estates' Ménage à Trois Gold

Category - Wine, white, blend

Available - From this month

Location - US, nation-wide

Price - SRP of US$12 per 75cl bottle

Trinchero Family Estates has unveiled a white blend addition to its Ménage à Trois wine brand in the US. Gold comprises Chardonnay, Viognier and Verdelho, boosting the brand's portfolio in the country to 16 expressions, which includes a 'soft' red blend called Silk and a 'dark' red blend called Midnight.

"We're excited to offer consumers a decadent Chardonnay experience at this price point," said the brand's senior marketing director at Trinchero, Mark Dunlea.

The privately-owned company, which was created in California in 1948, claims that Ménage à Trois is the fastest-growing top five 75cl wine brand in the US. The range was initially launched in 1996, with Trinchero securing ownership through its acquisition of Folie a Deux Winery in 2004.

Trinchero also owns a vodka under the same brand name, which comprises three iterations - Straight, Citrus and Berry.

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The wine brand widely credited with defining the premium red blend category has launched a new Chardonnay, Ménage à Trois GOLD ($12 SRP). An annual $2.4-billion-dollar category, Chardonnay is the largest varietal type in the United States, representing 16% of all wine sales and growing year after year*.

In back-to-back years (2014 and 2015), Ménage à Trois introduced its Midnight and Silk red blends to instant acclaim as No. 1 new wine items, according to Nielsen data. A proven powerhouse brand, Ménage à Trois is the fastest growing top five 750 mL wine brand in the industry**. The addition of GOLD brings the Ménage à Trois portfolio to sixteen unique wine offerings, including six blends.

"We're excited to offer consumers a decadent Chardonnay experience at this price point," said Mark Dunlea, senior marketing director for Ménage à Trois wines. "A rich, indulgent Chardonnay like GOLD is a rare find at such an accessible price."

Founded in the Napa Valley in 1996, Ménage à Trois launched with one wine, a blend of three red varietals. Following steady growth, the brand was added to the Trinchero Family Estates portfolio in 2004. Today, Ménage à Trois continues to innovate with unique packaging and its rich Chardonnay, GOLD. The wine is now available in local retail stores nationwide and will be further represented digitally on Ménage à Trois' Instagram (8,000 plus followers) and Facebook (270,000 plus followers).

A blend of Chardonnay, Viognier and Verdelho, Ménage à Trois GOLD exhibits aromas of tropical fruit, sweet vanilla and brown spice, followed by a buttery smooth palette of caramel, pineapple and melon flavors. Ménage a Trois sets a new standard, the GOLD standard.

About Ménage à Trois
The Ménage à Trois portfolio comprises 16 offerings, including six wine blends, five red wines and five white wines. Ménage à Trois originated in 1996 with one wine--a blend of three red varietals-- created by two psychiatrists at Folie à Deux Winery in Saint Helena, CA. Ménage à Trois wines are wholly owned and operated by Trinchero Family Estates, family-owned Napa Valley vintners since 1948.

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