Spirits manufacturers are today faced with the challenge of responding to the demands of purists on the one hand and younger, more adventurous consumers on the other. Analysis of Datamonitor's Worldwide Innovations Network database shows that tradition and innovation are both alive and well in the spirits market.Fighting the traditional corner, albeit with a modern twist, is France's Liquoristerie de Provence with Lamesinthe liqueur. The spirit recalls the absinthe era with its art deco design, although under French law it cannot contain any absinthe. Another company to give a modern spin to a traditional concept is Eckes of Germany, whose Chantré Cuvée Rouge brandy is described as the only one on the market distilled from red wine. UK retailer Tesco has chosen to capitalize on rising demand for organic produce with its Organic Dry London Gin and Imperial Vodka. These products are both presented in simple-looking bottles and mark a brave attempt to establish an organic alternative in a market already replete with claims of purity and nature. Bacardi-Martini's new Metz 40 schnapps, meanwhile, shares the name of the premium packaged spirit range but contains 40% alcohol. Its launch represents a reversal of the recent trend for moving established spirit brands like Smirnoff and Bacardi into the pre-mix market.Also striking out for innovation is H P Bulmer with the Sidekick range of flavored schnapps for young adults in the UK. The drinks contain 20% alcohol and are presented in single-shot 30ml glasses which can fit over the edge of a conventional glass for easy carrying in a bar.New from Halewood International is Reloaded Red Square Irn-Bru, which combines vodka, taurine, caffeine and ginseng with AG Barr's popular carbonate brand. And for fruit lovers, the company now offers Shakers Smoovie, a range of fruit smoothies blended with vodka or white rum.For these and other traditional and innovative spirits, visit the Worldwide Innovations Network at