Tiger Beer has launched a viral ad campaign in the UK based on its links with Asian film.

The Asian beer company said yesterday (5 March) that its 'film dub' viral, which can be accessed at http://www.tigerfilmdub.com/, allows users to add their own words to scenes from an Asian film.

Visitors to the site will be offered a fight or a love scene to dub from the martial arts film Iron Monkey. Once all four scenes have been dubbed, a preview of the film is shown, with users then given the option to send the film on to a friend.

"The Tiger viral is a fantastic way for Tiger to engage with their consumers in a fun, light-hearted environment, said Matthew Joslin of Grapevine, the agency behind the project.

Tiger Beer is owned by Asia Pacific Breweries, in which Heineken holds a 42% stake. Last month, APB announced that it will increase coverage of the beer in Canada through a distribution deal with Molson.