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Thor Drinks' Thor range  

Category - Soft drinks, adult, apple-based

Available - From yesterday (26 November)

Location - Initial small batch run in two bars in Hertfordshire

Price - GBP3 (US$4.80) per 27.5cl bottle

Distribution - Thor Drinks

New UK adult soft drinks company Thor Drinks has released its first offerings to target consumers seeking a less-sweet alcohol alternative.

Thor Original, Fire, Ice and Thunder will trial in two pubs near London with an initial batch of 5,000 bottles, Thor Drink's owner Alistair Scahill told just-drinks. The drinks are aimed at 24-to-40-year-olds, Scahill said.

Somerset cider makers Brothers Drinks are bottling the range for Thor Drinks, Scahill said. Earlier this year, Brothers launched a GBP5m ad campaign for its namesake cider brands.

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Thor, a brand new range of premium, carbonated soft drinks for adults, are currently being trialled in the UK. The brand aims to push the adult soft drink category forward, in offering taste and flavour profile choices, akin to the alcohol market

Thor will be available in four complex flavours, Original, Fire, Ice and Thunder and will be on trial in a handful of bars in the south of England, priced at £3.00

Aimed at 24-40 year olds with a more sophisticated palate, all four of the Thor flavours use crisp apple as a base and introduce dry and bitter notes for a complex flavor combination. Thor Original boasts the pure, dry apple flavour, whilst Fire spices things up with hot ginger. Thor Ice takes the temperature down with cool mint and caffeine has been mixed with Thunder for an added kick.

Alistair Scahill founder of Thor Drinks says:

“When it comes to drinking out – we found that many of the soft drinks on offer were uninspiring and to be endured rather than enjoyed. Whilst a lot of the alcoholic options are given sophisticated profiles, the soft drinks on offer didn't seem to match this.

We wanted to redress the balance with an exciting and premium alternative to alcohol. We have used a lot of complex flavours to create Thor drinks making them much more appealing and enjoyable to drink.”

Thor drinks can also be used as mixers and are the perfect accompaniment to food. Plans to develop limited editions, seasonal variants and expansion into supermarkets are also underway.


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