Thomas Kemper Soda Co. has lined up three low calorie additions to its drinks portfolio in the US.

The Oregon-based company said yesterday (28 January) that its root beer, ginger ale and black cherry variants will be joined by low-calorie versions later this year.

The root beer drink, which will use the Splenda brand sweetener and contains 20 calories, will be available in the US from next month. The ginger ale and black cherry offerings, each containing ten calories and using Jamaican ginger and Madagascan ginger flavours respectively, will hit retail in April.

"We knew if we were going to make a low calorie version of our classic flavour, it better taste great," said Thomas Kemper's president and CEO, Bill Germano. "Blending pure north-west honey with other natural flavours results in a rich and indulgent treat that soda fans can enjoy and still be good."

The offerings will be available in single bottles for US$1.29 and 12-bottle sampler packs at $12.99 in the western US. Root beer will also be available in six-packs at $5.99.